Similar train squad" rates are being paid to a couple of undrafted rookies who have been on their respective teams' NFI account since the begin of training camp.

Running behind Jonas Gray tore his ACL during his final season by Notre Dame and signed a three-year, $1.44 million contract with the Miami Dolphins on May 4 Gray namely earning $5,700 per week meantime on the NFI account and returnedbuy nfl jerseys cheap to train two weeks antecedent Undrafted neophyte aggressive tackle Markus Zusevics received a $13,000 signing bonus aboard May 10 from the New England Patriots, who are paying the former Iowa standout $5,700 per week for he recovers from a torn pectoral muscle is he suffered during the 2012 scouting combine.

Falcons safety Matt Hansen ruptured his patella tendon meantime working out among late June and nbuy nfl jerseys cheapamely never earning a salary from the team meantime he rehabs his injury.

Two More Players Earning Increased Salaries On Practice Squad

Last month, Shutdown Corner reported is the New England Patriots are paying practice squad spacious recipient Greg Salas , and is the St. Louis Rams were paying increased salaries to practice squad offensive linemen Brandon Washington and Ty Nsekhe. Two more practinfl jerseys factoryce squad players can be additional to the additional salary"account.

According to NFLPA base salary information, the Washington Redskins are instantly paying exercise squad aggressive tackle Tom Compton, a 2012 sixth-round elect out of South Dakota,because whether he were on the 53-man roster. Compton had been earning $5,700 per week forward the club appended namely to $22,941 per week among mid-October. week, the San Francisco 49ers increased the exercise squad salary of train squad aggressive tackle Al Netter, paying him the $22,941 he'd acquire because if he were on the 53-man roster. Undrafted out of Northwestern, the 49ers gave Netter a $7,500 signing bonus on May two.

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